Style, Comfort and Elegance enweaved in our scarves.

Bluebirds’ Handwoven is the website of Mody Arte and Moira World textile designers. We believe in the power of synergy through inspiring and working together, with the liberty of following our own unique designs and creations.

We first met in a workshop, where we were both enchanted by the beautiful world of weaving, and the truly unlimited possibility of textile design. Over the years we started to develop more and more new ideas that eventually led to our strong cooperation.

By manual weaving we can create something outstanding, combining traditional handicraft with contemporary needs and design. We believe that it is absolutely possible to create stylish, modern clothing that is not only handmade, but reflects the very best of traditional textile manufacturing.

We create all our products for this contemporary modern age by using reliable, long-lasting, high quality materials by traditional manual tools of the past.

We only use high-quality organic materials preferably from local producers. You will find merino wool, cotton, line, mulberry, tussah, burett silk, cashmere, yak, alpaca and even camel hair.

We find environmental protection very important, so our clothing products are truly high-end quality and long-lasting.

We use the looms created by local craftsmen at Lörincz Loom Workshop, and we use cotton wool for the loom.

We aim at providing you with the greatest possible variety of scarves and shawls, from elegant simple designs for everyday use to the more luxurious designs to be worn on special occasions.

We wish you find joy and happiness in browsing our website.