Our scarves and shawls are produced using only high-quality organic materials, made entirely by hand. In order to keep them in their original mint condition for a lifetime, we kindly ask you to read and follow the simple instructions below.


Please handwash separately in lukewarm water, after soaking for 10-15 minutes with light detergent.

You can handwash this product by pressing it gently in the lukewarm water. We suggest using a colour catcher sheet for the first few times you wash the product.

Please rinse in clear water. If the scarves do not contain any silk, then soak for a few more minutes using only a few drops of light detergent. Please do not use any detergent with scarves and shawls that contain any amount of silk. Rinse again in clear water to finish.

Please press gently to remove access water before drying. Please dry the product by laying it rather than hanging it, also protected from strong direct sunlight, to ensure it maintains its original form and size. After drying, please steam iron carefully on cotton temperature, on both sides including the fringes.

Leaving the product in strong direct sunlight for a long period of time, may discolour hand dyed yarn products, so it is best to store these protected from direct sunlight, when not in daily use.

We wish you find lots of joy in your personal choice of these exclusive scarves.