I am Mody. Mody is also the name of my personal brand and my handmade creations, a journey into the magical and colorful world of crocheting and weaving.

I learned to sew, knit, and to embroider from my grandmother in my early childhood. For many years this was almost forgotten, when crocheting unexpectedly found me and I simply couldn’t resist its calling. My fingers started to sparkle, and a new journey begun. Then I gradually discovered the mastery of weaving, which continues to generate wonder and desire, and a need to recreate a part of me in my designs.

Inspiration comes from everyday life. Forms, colors and thoughts inspire me to create new pieces. When I touch the yarn, it calls me. As I take a ball of yarn in my hands, it ignites my imagination. Eventually every thread of yarn finds its own place to become a unique piece of art. 

I hope my handmade creations will bring you the same joy, beauty and harmony I feel in its making. 

With Love,