I always marvelled at the cultures developed by creative mankind and was enchanted by the mythology of ancient Greece that was so close to nature. This is why I chose the name MOIRA for my handicraft shawls.

I have now spent decades of intensive study and work with yarns and textiles, with their use and design. For many years this has just been a genuine pastime activity, but slowly developed into a definite professional interest, and now the time is ripe to take the next step into developing this loving profession into a loving business.

I learned to knit 30 years ago. And as the years went by I continuously grew in learning other handicrafts including crocheting, weaving and spinning.

I find great joy every time I start working on the loom. Every shawl and scarf I make, fills me with great pleasure, from the process of making to the final observation of the high-end product that has been created.

Weaving for me, is true meditation. It represents my feelings and thoughts, and as such no two scarves are ever the same. Every design and end-product is unique and different.

There are some that I predesign before making, but most of the time I rely on my intuition.

Sometimes, I also just let the pure beauty of the yarn dominate the design.

I wish the scarves and shawls I create will bring the same tremendous joy to their owner, that I found in their design, creation and making.